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Mortgage Protection Life Insurance gives your family the peace of mind they will not lose your home in the event of a tragedy. It is the most cost-effective plan to ensure your home will not be foreclosed on by the lender. Rates for these plans have dropped in the past few years so the cost is lower than ever before. Many of our clients consider their plan to be one of the best most reassuring decision they have made. There is no cost or obligation for rates and information.

There are two plans that are most popular. The first one covers your entire mortgage. This is most popular for younger healthy clients. The second plan covers a few years of mortgage payments. This is very important as it gives your spouse or children the time necessary to deal with the issues that arise when someone passes away. You do not want to have to sell your house in a stressful panic sale due to not having the money for mortgage payments. It is the most affordable plan and many clients have taken this plan. Some newer plans also cover payments for heart attacks, cancer and stroke. These payments have helped many clients remain in their home during the recovery phase of these illnesses. Many times, these bills are not covered by health insurance especially the recovery period.

We have over 20 years-experience helping our clients make certain they have the best and most affordable plan for them. We represent all of the industry leading companies so we research each one based on your particular needs and situation. This is very important as we have some clients that are very healthy, some have minor health issues while others have major health concerns. Each company treats health issues in a different way so you need experts like us to make certain you have the correct company.
Please contact us today and we can discuss. Again, there is no cost or obligation for rates or information. Also, we do not need to visit you in person, we can do everything over the phone, internet and postal mail. Please contact us today you will be glad you did.